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We are pleased to announce that DeLorme XMap 7 Geographic Information System (GIS) is now integrated with CrudeNet™.  Our customers have utilized DeLorme’s mapping systems for over fifteen years with very good results and it just got easierCrudeNet™ and XMap 7 are seamlessly integrated so that the end user is not required to have knowledge of any data import or GIS commands to plot CrudeNet™ supplied data on maps.  Use mouse clicks to locate company vehicles at service locations (loading and unloading locations) as well as plot “bread crumbing” driven routes on multiple map options, automatically.  Route planning, route printing and downloading of routes to drivers' handheld computers are also possible within the CrudeNet™/XMap 7 Integrated Solution.


Depending on the equipment installed in your fleet, vehicle location and performance  information can be displayed on maps in the real-time mode or plotted as location data is collected along with other transactional data (runtickets, DOT log duty status changes, etc.).


Sample Map - 4 Different Presentations Done with Mouse Clicks Only!


Zoomed Out Map of Loads Hauled in Northern Montana


Same Map Partially Zoomed In with Aerial View Mapping Layer


Same Map Again with Higher Resolution Zoom and Aerial View Mapping Layer


Same Map with INFO Option - Run Ticket Lease and Destination Data is Displayed on the Map


Three-Tiered GIS

XMap is a three-tiered GIS (Geographic Information System) software suite designed to optimize the transfer of information between GIS administrators and field personnel. The culmination of over thirty years of innovation in the field of spatial technology, XMap 7 incorporates an extensive array of GIS tools into an advanced desktop mapping engine, providing a unique and versatile all-in-one mapping and GIS solution.

NEW – Now Optimized for Data Collection & Synchronization

XMap’s all-new form-based data editing and collection functionality allows mobile professionals to efficiently record field observations and automatically synchronize or merge this data with a master database. With the appropriate license, XMap Forms can be used in any edition of XMap 7.


The XMap 7 suite includes a wide array of new and improved mapping and GIS functions in the desktop software and Business Tech Applications, Inc. integrates XMap 7 with CrudeNet™.

GIS Enhancements

  • Form-based data collection and editing (requires appropriate XMap Forms license)
    XMap forms enable field data collection in any version of XMap.
  • Two-way GIS layer synchronization
    Automatically submit field data edits to the data administrator
  • Advanced document embedding
    Allows opening, editing, and saving of files assigned to a record on the map or in the attribute table
  • Polygon edge matching tool
    Automatically replicate the boundary of a polygon when creating an adjacent polygon
  • KML support
    Export GIS layers in KML format for display in Google Earth or Google Maps
  • Enhanced coordinate system support for point databases
    Now supports State Plane and UTM coordinate systems
  • Updated symbol set
    New industry symbols including wind turbine and oil derrick for use in XMap and CrudeNet™.
  • Many-to-one database management and query tools

Other Enhancements

  • New World Base Map
    Seamless global base map developed at a scale of 1:250,000
  • Improved GPS Radar Search
    Search for objects in a GIS layer within a defined radius of your current location and update the search results as you drive

Route Planning

A standard feature of all DeLorme software titles for almost 20 years, the XMap routing engine creates accurate on-road, off-road, and backcountry routes to help you or your mobile workface efficiently find your way to the jobsite and home again.

Routes are customized based on driving habits, road-type preferences, and other factors and the route calculation can even recommend fuel stops based on your typical fuel consumption.

Voice-Controlled GPS Navigation

With a route created and a suitable GPS receiver attached, XMap is immediately transformed into a high-end in-vehicle navigation system, but one that allows you to see your precise location superimposed on detailed topographic maps, aerial imagery, or even your GIS layers.

Accurate route instructions are conveyed through easy-to-read onscreen directions, or by audibly using XMap’s voice command functionality. The voice recognition component even allows you to control certain aspects of the software using simple verbal commands allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

3-D Terrain Modeling and Profiling

All XMap software and GPS bundles now include the USA Topographic base map dataset which incorporates a complete street-level dataset for the entire U.S. and Canada, as well as an embedded Digital Elevation Model (DEM).

The DEM enables the rendering of the map as a customizable 3-D terrain model, and facilitates the Profile tool, which allows any linear object or route to be represented in cross section, exposing variations in the underlying terrain.

Advanced Map Feature Filtering

XMap’s Options window includes a tab that allows the map features to be customized based on map feature classes. This offers a meticulous level of control over which features display on the map and which are rendered invisible.

Image Registration

The ImageReg tab provides the means to import and register or align an image file such as a scanned map so that it appears as a geographically accurate map layer in XMap. While all three tiers of XMap 7 software provide this functionality, XMap Professional limits the registration process to two tagged points while the Editor and Enterprise version support multiple point registration as well as advanced masking and clipping tools.

Phone Data Searching

All three versions of XMap 7 include a Phone tab which offers access to the included XMap Phone Data. This extensive dataset includes all listed residential and business numbers in the U.S. and Canada. Numbers are searchable by name, address, or several other criteria. Phone numbers can even be queried by right-clicking on a road on the map and selecting Phone Listings.

Drawing and Annotation Tools

The Draw tab in XMap is often overlooked because of the inclusion of the more powerful GIS functionality, however Draw still offers an in dispensable set of tools for all XMap users.

Straightforward yet powerful annotation options allow symbols, MapNotes, text labels, lines, and polygons to be added to the map, all of which can be easily migrated to the GIS tab if need. Also included in the Draw tab is the Routable Road tool, which is used to create your own road network that integrates seamlessly with XMap’s base map datasets.

GeoTagger for Automatic Image Geo-Locating

This innovative XMap component precisely assigns digital photographs to the location at which they were taken and it automatically places a hyperlinked symbol, MapNote, or a thumbnail of the image itself at the correct point on the map. GeoTagger works by analyzing your GPS log or track file and the timestamp in each photograph to determine the exact time and subsequently the exact latitude and longitude where each was taken.

Multiple Base Map Dataset Options

All XMap software and GPS bundles now include the USA Topographic Data in the box. Additional options include:

  • XMap Street Level Data 2010, which does not include a DEM and as a result takes less local hard drive space
  • The all-new XMap World Base Map Data, a comprehensive global map dataset derived from multiple sources and assembled by DeLorme’s team of expert cartographic technicians
  • Aerial imagery and other datasets downloaded from XMap’s Map Library
  • and much more

Access to Third-Party Aerial Imagery

XMap can read aerial imagery in GeoTIFF and MrSID format. These geographically-referenced imagery files are readily available for download from various government, educational, and private data archives.

Powerful Printing Functionality

The Print function in XMap supports large format plotting for creating poster-sized maps. Layout tools allow text, images, a scale bar, and other cartographic elements to be added to the print area.

Free Web Mapping with MapShare

The MapShare function captures a snapshot of your current map, profile, or route and automatically publishes it to a custom Web page hosted by DeLorme. This free service provides a quick, easy, and convenient method for sharing maps across multiple platforms.

Advanced Find Tools

The Find function offers several options for locating objects on the map. The newly enhanced GPS Radar Search allows business, services, and even objects in a GIS layer to be automatically detected within a prescribed proximity. The voice component can even be configured to verbally announce this information and to update the results based on a determined time interval.

User Interface Customization Options

The layout of all versions of XMap is completely customizable. The toolbar at the top of the screen can be individually configured; selected tabs at the bottom of the screen can be turned off if not used; and the Control Panel to the right of the map can be disabled, providing a larger map window.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows XP, SP2 with 512 MB RAM (1 GB+ recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista™ Business, or Ultimate: 1 GB RAM (2 GB+ recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Business, or Ultimate: 1 GB RAM (2 GB+ recommended)
  • 1.5 GHz or higher processor (1.5 GHz+ Dual Core recommended)*
  • 2 GB of available hard-disk space (3 GB+ recommended). Note: 4.1 GB of available hard disk space required to install phone data for all regions (can be run from DVD)
  • 3D-capable video card with 64 MB VRAM (128 MB+ recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.02 or later
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher

* XMap 7.0 does not support the AMD Athlon XP family of microprocessors. It does support the AMD Athlon 64 family. XMap 7.0 supports all Intel® CPUs 1.5GHz or higher processors. XMap Forms are only supported on IE 7.0 or higher

Business Tech Applications, Inc. can integrate XMap 7 with any version of BTAI software in use today!


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